Dentistry is constantly evolving thanks to advances in dental methods, techniques and the implementation of new technologies that allow greater immediacy and efficiency when correcting oral health issues and better life quality. In fact, the development and use of dental implants have been considered one of the greater advances in the dental sector in the last 40 years.

Implantology not only provides objective advances regarding the technical aspects of the process, but it can greatly improve the life of people in regards to functional aspects, as eating can be comfortably performed. However, a series of recommendations must be followed. From a physiological and social point of view, having fixed teeth greatly facilitates social relationships from the very beginning and rapidly improves the self-esteem of the patient.

Patients come to our clinic very concerned because they have lost a tooth or because they have a serious issue such as a dental piece that may not be saved due to injury, fracture, advanced cavities or very severe periodontal disease; this has an impact on both in their personal and professional lives. However, thanks to our experience with implant dentistry and by using the most advanced techniques, we can plan minimally invasive surgery for implant placement for each of our patients without the need to file adjacent pieces. This way, a long-term prognostic is ensured with aesthetic improvements that instantly call the attention.

Once the dental piece has been restored, the patient is advised to make use of their common sense, in the way that they can live a normal life as long as chewing is performed carefully and as long as no excessive pressure is applied on the affected area when brushing. Besides, the patient will need to rinse the mouth with antiseptic mouthwashes so that the area does not get infected, and, if needed and as recommended by the doctor, make use of antibiotics and anti-inflammatories.
Likewise, it is essential to go for a check-up the week following the placement of the implant and attend subsequent regular check-ups, according to the instructions given in order to maintain proper oral health.

Implant placement in the space needed.
Implant integration in the jaw bone for a time period that may vary depending on the patient.
Once integrated, the prosthetic tooth is placed and the treatment can be considered finished.

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