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Dentistry does not only focus on the alignment of badly positioned teeth in order to achieve an aesthetic smile but also on many other aspects; your teeth and jaw joint may be affected if biting is not performed properly.
Crowded teeth are also an aesthetic problem:

  • Difficulty to brush may lead to an excess of tartar and susceptibility to develop dental cavities.
  • Decrease of chewing efficiency, which may lead to digestive problems.
  • Possible TMJ injury (between the jaw and the brain).

Phases of the treatment
Doctors will perform a diagnosis on the patient´s first visit to our clinic in order to assess each case individually. An Orthodontic Study will be performed, including:

  • Panoramic and Lateral Skull X-rays.
  • Facial and intraoral pictures.
  • Plaster models.
  • Comprehensive clinical history.

Then, the doctor and the patient will meet again to discuss both the diagnosis and the treatment plan as well as the length of the whole process and the quote provided to the patient. In general terms, the best age to start an orthodontic treatment is when the patient is between 10-14 years old. Treatment could happen earlier in cases when the maxillary and jaw bones need immediate attention: Very narrow palates or misaligned jaws (leading to an anti-aesthetic facial profile) are examples. Orthodontic treatment can easily solve these problems at an early age, however in case of adults, surgical intervention might often be the solution.

Although growth processes have already finished in adults, very often, they are candidates for treatments to improve their aesthetics and occlusion issues and ensure healthy lasting smiles. The dental aesthetics of traditional metallic braces is the main concern for adults, however nowadays there are new orthodontic systems such as aesthetic braces or clear braces that do not compromise the aesthetics of the treatment.

Cost of the treatment

One of the main myths about Orthodontics is the cost of treatments, however today these are affordable to everybody.
At Centro Dental Sermadent, we also believe that the economic side of the treatment should not be an obstacle either for your oral health or for that of your family. For that reason, our staff will inform you, in detail, about the different payment methods. We offer 24 months interest-free financing and up to 5 years to finance your treatments.

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